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About Me

Hey there! My name is Afshan and I've been very passionate about healthy eating habits and mindful lifestyle choices that promote sustainable energy levels, a positive mindset, mood enhancement, weight management and vitality. I’ve been a fully-certified Holistic Nutritional Wellness Consultant and a Weight loss Coach, helping my clients achieve their health and wellness goals. I enjoy cooking a lot and also have some culinary certifications too. I specialize in creating personalized plans and providing the necessary tools and resources to guide, support, and assist you in achieving your desired goals.

The essence of my work is to facilitate self-growth by helping you identify your core mind, body and spirit challenges so that you can overcome them with confidence. Only then, will you be able to fully embrace who you are and start living a happier and healthier life.


CHNC (Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant)

CSNN, The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Natural Nutrition Diploma Program (2019-2020)

Holistic Culinary Certification (2021)

CSNN, The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition


HWLC (Holistic Nutrition Weight loss Coach) (2022) 

Fit Chicks Academy

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